Microsoft scanpst.exe location in Windows 7
Outlook is a single and integrated solution for managing e-mail and instant messaging and it provide you several kind of features like meetings, calenders, notes, contacts, tasks. With the help of all these features, you can also manage or save day-to-day work details. Outlook stores everything that you create or received in a big Pst file with .pst file extension. It controls and manage all tasks very easily and effectively. Apart from this, sometimes, you can face problem at accessing time your outlook pst files due to corruption in Pst file. Such type of problems occurs when you are not using outlook proper way in Windows 7 operating system as well as there are also several type of reasons responsible for Pst file corruption.

Causes for Outlook Pst corruption

Outlook Pst file corruption occurs due to several type of possible causes and some of these are such as:

Besides of this, due to Pst file corruption you can get error messages when you try to access it like “unable to open pst file”, “This data file has not been configured” and many more. At this situation, your need is complete recovery tool for your corrupted pst files. Outlook offers you Microsoft Scanpst.exe that is the inbuilt repair tool. It is not easy find Microsoft Scanpst.exe location in Windows 7 because it is a hidden file.

You can find Scanpst.exe in the following location :-


If in any case you doesn't find out Scanpst.exe in your opearting system, then you can also download it. Scanpst.exe your corrupted Pst files easily but sometimes it happens that Scanpst.exe doesn't work properly and fails to repair corrupted Pst files. At this situation, you must go for third party tool Pst Repair Tool. It is very powerful and efficient tool because built with advanced technology and this is because it recovers and restores all your corrupted Pst files within a few minutes. So, use it if you want to repair corrupted Outlook Pst files effectively.

User Guide: How to use Outlook PST Repair Software

Install the software with quick installation wizard. Just follow the wizard to successfully install the Outlook PST Repair.

Step: 1

Launch the Outlook PST Repair from the desktop shortcut. And select the corrupted PST file.

Step: 2

Click Next and follow the on-screen instruction to finish it. No need to Worry! Your Outlook.pst is in Hand of Professional.

Step: 3

Once Scanning process is completed, Outlook PST repair will show the previews of all the recoverable components.

Step: 4

After viewing the lost folder in the recovered item list. Go for the Licence key to save the pst file.


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